Lucy Bate

Photo of Lucy Bate

Lucy Bate is best known for her childrens’ books, including the bestselling “Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth” and “How Georgina Drove the Car Very Carefully from Boston to New York.”

Lucy was also an accomplished playwright. Her plays were written in a classical style, utilizing blank verse and prose.

This web site has some of her plays.

King David is a retelling of the biblical story of David. This play was performed in the Boston area.

The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry was written as a radio play, and had two productions. It is based on a Scottish legend.

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Lucy graduated from Brandeis. She had two daughters, Gabrielle and Rebecca.

Lucy is the the daughter of Immanuel Neumark and the granddaughter of the noted Rabbi and scholar David Neumark. David’s daughter (Lucy’s aunt) Martha almost became the first American woman rabbi.

Lucy died in 1993.

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